SRS Interceptor

1. Attach a typical water hose to the Exhaust Fan Interceptor outlet. The average hose length required is approximately 10 feet and is equipped with a standard 3/4″ female water hose fitting.
2. Insert the expelling portion of the hose between the fan blades or through an access panel. Ensure that the elevation of the expelling end of hose is lower in the duct than the Exhaust Fan Interceptor (the greater the elevation difference, the better the siphon).
3. Charge the line with high pressure water through the 1/4″ fitting on the Exhaust Fan Interceptor (charge point). Ensure water is flowing thru the entire hose.
4. Begin the cleaning process. All water should now be siphoning efficiently into the interior of the exhaust system for collection at the hood and the roof top.
  • Maintain the seals on the exhaust fan and ensure the exhaust fan is focusing the discharge into the Exhaust fan interceptor.
  • There is no Filter Media to replace, the exhaust fan is easy to move or adjust, once empty.
  • It is a permanent asset of the restaurant.
  • It is very important to repair broken seals on exhaust fan joints. The correct construction adhesive will withstand the vibration of the exhaust fan, the chemicals, the grease, the steam and UV longer than a sub-standard product. Your service technician will know the best type for your application.
  • We are certain that the SRS EFI offers the best roof protection system and service solution on the market.
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