SRS interceptor

As the rooftop exhaust fan operates, hot air and grease travel up from the restaurant and into the fan. The air condenses the fumes and turns into liquid grease and along with rain water, this mix drips out of the fan. This is a standard design for most exhaust fans in North America. The Exhaust Fan Interceptor separates the oil from the water. The oil remains in the EFI and clean water flows freely from the unit.

Typically, steam cleaning a fan is done quarterly. Some restaurants will clean their fans monthly.When cleaning the fan, waste water must be recovered, otherwise the chemicals and grease end up on the roof and in the storm drain. With the SRS Interceptor, your steam cleaner avoids this problem by simply pressurizing the Interceptor with the steam cleaning wand; the pressure creates a vacuum.While cleaning the fan, waste water and grease are sucked into receptacles and collected with the rest of the kitchen wash water.There is no need for special sump pumps or grease mats. The roof remains clean!

The following diagram shows how the EFI works during a service cleaning:

The Service Company will attach the pressure cleaning wand to the top inlet of the EFI. This will create a venturi in the tee – this venturi primes a vacuum action and begins siphoning the waste water and grease from the EFI during the cleaning process.

waste recovery